Monday, January 2, 2012

Monkey see monkey do


Dress Romwe, Jacket ASOS, Boots Topshop, Earring ebay 

Totally forgot I ordered this gorilla print tee dress from Romwe when it arrived the other day. I really regret not investing in a Christopher Kane one all those years ago so I knew I had to get this one when I saw it on their website.


Anyway guys we are now in a new year and I have a few things I want to achieve this year I am not big on resolutions but I have decided that I want to learn to ice skate so I can hit the outdoor rink next Christmas like a pro and if I am still doing this by the summer I am going to invest in a pair of skates( how awesome are those ones in the pic above) my nephew is joining me too I also want to get three more tattoos done. What have you guys planned????


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