Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello world

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Skint & Pink


Dress Romwe

Love it or hate it the eyebrows are pink I not sure for how long but I am loving it for now. My mum hates it lol and when I have my fringe normal you cant see it anyways. I am off out shopping I have a wish list as long as my arm but funds as short as my little toe until Feb (sad face) so I am armed with some Topshop vouchers and about £30 wish me luck. There are so many things I want but these are going to have to wait until next payday my "save for later list" with ASOS is huge. .

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bleached Eyebrows


I have been noticing a little trend involving the humble eyebrow. I have not seen The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo yet (it is on my list of things to do) but I have seen images and what caught my eye was the character Lisbeth Salanders bleached out eyebrows. Gucci also sent models down the runway with bleached out eyebrows for their SS12 collection. I have gone one step further and I am sporting pink eyebrows but I am thinking bleached out brows will be a hot look for SS12 what do you guys think???


Monday, January 2, 2012

Monkey see monkey do


Dress Romwe, Jacket ASOS, Boots Topshop, Earring ebay 

Totally forgot I ordered this gorilla print tee dress from Romwe when it arrived the other day. I really regret not investing in a Christopher Kane one all those years ago so I knew I had to get this one when I saw it on their website.


Anyway guys we are now in a new year and I have a few things I want to achieve this year I am not big on resolutions but I have decided that I want to learn to ice skate so I can hit the outdoor rink next Christmas like a pro and if I am still doing this by the summer I am going to invest in a pair of skates( how awesome are those ones in the pic above) my nephew is joining me too I also want to get three more tattoos done. What have you guys planned????

Sunday, January 1, 2012



Hey chickens as we say goodbye to 2011 I thought I would do a year of outfits post. I have picked my fav outfit from each month of this year. 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year xoxo


Hey chickens I just want to wish you all a 

Happy New Year

and thank you all for your lovely comments and following me this past year you are all super stars

Peace & Love 

Giselle xoxo

Friday, December 30, 2011

Deep in the underground


Jacket Topshop, Dress H&M, Vest H&M Boots Topshop

I brought this knitted dress fom H&m the other day I layered it with another vest top to give it a more casual look. I have literally been living in this fur biker jacket from Topshop it goes with everything. 

I have not brought anything from the sales yet I have been working and really cant be bothered to go out on my lunch break I hate crowds I am going to wait until next week when everything is back to normal I have some cash and Topshop vouchers to spend. Have you guys brought anything from the sales???


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