Friday, December 23, 2011


I was asked by Kate from Heart of Solid Gold  to do a post about my jewellery I have picked the pieces that I am wearing at the moment. I am not really into plastic jewellery and I love semi precious stones and natural materials like shells and feathers.


These are the rings that I am living in at the mo I find I go through phases with my rings.


Ever since NYLA Boutique sent me this spike cuff I have become a little addicted to spikes and I know I will be adding more to my collection.


My bracelet of choice has to be a cuff always worn on my right wrist.


These hand harnesses are my favourite and they really add an edge to an outfit


 I love long chains with pendants but I have been looking at more chokers lately so I might be swapping these for chokers.


 This necklace is one of my best ebay finds it is real silver and turquoise and cost me 99p. It could do with a polish.


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